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June 15, 2024   

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XviD Movies

Download XviD Movies

Where can I download free XviD movies?

While there are plenty of ways to download free videos online, the fastest and easiest way to download videos is by using file-sharing technology. It is specifically designed to make searching and downloading files easy. There are also some web sites such as the Moving Image Archive that offer free movie downloads.

Why are people downloading movies online?

Most likely because it's a fast and convenient way to get movies. You simply start the download and after a couple of hours you have a full-length DVD-quality movie ready to watch without leaving your home. All that is needed to download movies is a computer with an Internet connection, then you're set.

What has made movie downloading so popular?

There are a number of factors that have made movie downloading so popular the last couple of years. The most important is the development of more advanced video/audio compression technologies that allow the movies to be compressed to much smaller sizes than before. Also, the popularity of broadband Internet connections have made it possible to download movies faster than ever before. The availability of free movie downloads online has also gotten a lot of media attention lately.

What is needed to play movie downloads?

All that is needed to play movie downloads is a media player of your choice and the proper video/audio codecs. To play XviD movie downloads you need to install the XviD codec. To play DivX movie downloads you need to install the DivX codec. You might also need to install the AC3 codec to get surround sound.

What can I do if I'm having problems playing movie downloads?

To resolve common playback problems with movie downloads, see our XviD FAQ and DivX FAQ.

What affects the quality of movie downloads?

The most important factor affecting the quality of movie downloads is the source of the movie. If the movie download comes from a good source then there are basically two factors that determine the quality of the movie, the video codec used and the size of the movie. To get the best quality possible when you download movies, make sure that the source is good and that the movie uses an advanced video codec such as XviD or DivX®.

What size is a typical movie download?

The file size of movie downloads vary a lot depending on the length of the movie and the bit rate used to encode the movie. You should expect a typical full-length XviD or DivX movie to be about 600MB-700MB in size. If the movie is longer than 2 hours it will require even more space to ensure that the quality is good.

How long does it take to download movies?

It will always help if you have a fast Internet connection, but your download speed also depends on the speed of the server/source you are downloading a movie from. The following table should give you an idea of how long it would take to download a 700MB file (typical movie download) using your Internet connection under perfect circumstances.

Connection speed
Transfer speed
7 KB/s
16 KB/s
32 KB/s
64 KB/s
128 KB/s
256 KB/s
1.25 MB/s
Transfer time
28 hours, 27 mins
12 hours, 27 mins
6 hours, 13 mins
3 hours, 7 mins
1 hours, 33 mins
47 mins
12 mins

1Mbps is equivalent to 1000Kbps.

Please note that the transfer speeds and times quoted above are based on the maximum speed of your Internet connection. If you're downloading movies from a fast server/source then you might be able to achieve these transfer times, but in general your downloads will most likely take longer.

How do I play movie downloads on my DVD player?

The first thing you should do is to check the DVD Player Compatibility list to determine if your DVD player supports XviD and/or DivX® playback. If your DVD player supports XviD and/or DivX® playback then you simply need to record the movie to a CD/DVD and it should play right away. If your DVD player doesn't support XviD and/or DivX® you first need to convert the movie to the MPEG-2 format and then record the movie as a SVCD or DVD, depending on what format(s) your DVD player supports. You can find helpful video conversion and authoring guides at VideoHelp.com.

How do I watch movie downloads on my TV?

If you have a graphics card with TV-out support then you should be able to connect your computer directly to your TV and watch XviD and DivX movies on it. If you don't have one you should be able to find one for about the same price as a regular graphics card. You will also need a cable to connect your computer to your TV. Then you simply configure your computer to send the video to your TV when you play XviD and DivX movies.

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